Specialist Physiotherapy 

Coronavirus update: 18.2.21

THRIVE will be closed until further notice.


If you have an appointment booked we will be in touch to re-schedule once lockdown eases, probably at the start of Stage 2.

In the mean time we will be offering online and telephone consultations. These can be booked by calling 233012, e-mailing info@thrive-physio.co.uk or through our online booking system.


By giving you a clearer understanding of your pain, helping you move better, and considering your broader health and lifestyle we can help you THRIVE.

Gold Standard Physiotherapy

from Internationally Recognised Specialists

At THRIVE we are passionate about getting you better by offering gold standard, evidence-based physiotherapy, individualised for your problem.

We love being your “go-to” physiotherapists for complex or persistent pain problems. These conditions, like ongoing spinal or joint pain, or persistent sports injuries, allow us to bring our formidable academic and professional knowledge and experience to help you. Our drive to offer optimal care has led us to complete internationally-renowned Master's and Doctoral degrees, as well as clinical Specialisation exams, in musculoskeletal pain and its management. We now teach physiotherapists worldwide and are heavily involved in persistent pain research. This keeps us at the forefront of what really works, so that we can offer you the best care.

We understand everyone is different, as are their needs, so we really get to know your "story” – how your problem affects you. And we know pain is influenced by many factors so we'll complete a thorough assessment considering your diagnosis, how you move, think, sleep, work, exercise (etc.) …and how all this influences affects you as a whole. This takes a bit more time initially, but people tell us it’s worth it, because afterwards we have lots of great options for treatment tailored to your problem. We will go the extra mile to help you THRIVE.

Excellence in Physiotherapy + Clinical Education + Pain Research

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