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Niamh has recently published this book with colleague Marnie Hartman.

Pain Science – Yoga – Life combines the neuroscience of pain with yoga philosophy and practice for pain care. Rooted in evidence-based practice, this book is a unique blend of the science of pain, the art and science of yoga and its practical application. It aims to bridge the gap that exists between a person in pain and their ability to move beyond suffering and back to life. For more information, or to purchase a copy click here. To follow the Pain Science Yoga Life blog click here

Internationally renowned pain experts Lorimer Mosely and David Butler comment on Pain Science – Yoga – Life:

‘As a pain scientist and educator, I regularly sit on the cutting edge with the very people driving scientific revolutions. The very best moments however, are those shared with true champions, striving for better outcomes at the coalface. Marnie and Niamh are two such champions – applying sharp minds and generous hearts to serve, with integrity, intent, kindness and care, those they treat. And here they both are – yoga within the context of contemporary scientific understanding of pain? That sounds pretty good to me.’   Lorimer Moseley

‘Yoga is at least 5,000 years old. Pain sciences are maybe 40 years. Both areas offer each other enormous resources and wisdom for the benefit of mankind. ‘Pain Science – Yoga – Life’ promotes the numerous practical and novel ways yoga and pain sciences are potentially made for each other.’   David Butler