Updated 22.6.20


Phase Five

We still have a few measures in place regarding Coronavirus. Read on to learn more...


Screening for Coronavirus


If we haven't seen you recently we will ask you to complete a screening questionnaire with us to look out for possible symptoms of Coronavirus, and check if you might be vulnerable or extremely vulnerable to the virus.

Infection Control and Informed Consent

Face to face therapy carries increased risk of transmission and exposure to Coronavirus compared to online consultations. The virus can spread from person to person and while the exact mechanisms of transmission are not fully known, spread through large droplets is considered one main mechanism. This includes contact with virus-infected droplets on surfaces. We are using many infection control strategies including:

  • Limiting the number of people on the premises to one therapist and one client at a time. Carers and chaperones are allowed on the premises if absolutely necessary, otherwise they should wait outside.

  • You will be required to use handrub or wash your hands upon entering and leaving the premises. Therapists will use handrub or wash their hands during and between appointments as appropriate.

  • Therapists will clean all surfaces contacted between clients. The premises will be cleaned regularly.

For people vulnerable to Coronavirus:

  • Social distancing: Where possible we will position ourselves at least 1m apart and ask you to observe this. Use of contact physiotherapy will only be used where necessary for assessment and treatment purposes. 

  • Personal protective equipment: Therapists will wear a surgical grade mask, gloves and an apron for any contact interactions.


We will ask you to sign a statement to confirm that you understand the above points when you come into clinic.

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