A Specialist Practice

      Passionate + Contemporary




Like you, we value great healthcare, so we are committed to delivering expert physiotherapy to help you THRIVE. 


Our Difference: 

We are internationally recognised as Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists. Combined with our PhDs and Masters degrees this title means we are at the forefront of what works and what doesn't. We offer expert help for any musculoskeletal problem, like a recently sprained ankle or twisted knee, from day one. We also love being “go-to” physiotherapists for those with persistent, more complex problems. When not in clinic, we teach clinicians worldwide and are heavily involved in researching musculoskeletal pain problems. When you visit us you can be assured to receive the best of care.

Individual + Holistic



By giving you a clearer understanding of your problem, helping you move better, and considering your broader health and lifestyle we can help you THRIVE again.

When you read holistic don't think mumbo-jumbo: think options! We may approach your problem differently. Firstly, we want to really “get your story” – to understand the ins and outs of your problem. Secondly, we know pain is influenced by many factors, and want to figure out how the pieces of your jigsaw fit together. You are more than just joints and muscles! Together we'll consider how you move, think, sleep, work, exercise (etc.) …and how all this influences you as a whole. This takes a bit more time, but it’s worth it, because afterwards we have lots of great options for treatments individually tailored to the factors relevant to your problem, and aimed at getting you back to what you want to do.

Local + Global

We have worked in some of the best physiotherapy practices, hospitals and universities in the world.

However, Guernsey is a great place to live. The island is our home, and we are proud to base our wealth of physiotherapy, education and research skills in Guernsey. We hope we can offer you the very best care.